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Travel to Ha Nam, Vietnam is a land rich revolutionary tradition is the choice of many people, not only middle-aged people, but young people are also have the tendency to find about my roots tourist Area of temple Architecture, worship the hero Ly thuong Kiet and Team Dynamic contest Paint are the points usually visited by tourists. To where international visitors obtain a visa Vietnam will be immerse in a solemn atmosphere and the fresh air of nature. Travel landscape, this place also has many features worthy of attention: Mount Pearl, Team Dynamic Paint, bone orchard, tunnel cave..... Traveling one of the things that visitors enjoy is the local cuisine. Land of henan, to this place you should know and choose for themselves the dishes as: Rice, eight cakes, molded, boys, soup, mussels, rice khe, dishes from fish, crucian carp, snail, bronze.... the product folk, but left to the visitors how much emotion. Henan land, which are renowned for the thick culture. With its convenient location, the year in the South, the red river, the gateway blood of the capital should be here every year there are many festivals: vo giang communal house festival takes place on 6 October 2 the lunar calendar, the Duong Hoa holding time 24 year 1, vang village festival held on the day from 7 to 10 January 1... the festival usually have this slightly interesting such as singing, wrestling, holiday, slash letters, thi cannon land... guests will be experiencing many moments of ups and downs as is to immerse participants into the conference.

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